Randall Castillo Ortega provides insight into what 2021 looks like for SMEs in Panama

Due primarily to the COVID-19 pandemic that is still threatening countries around the world, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are falling further behind. This is notable in countries like Panama, which had seen substantial growth in recent years, but which is now struggling in the SME segment. If you were to define what 2021 looks […]

Randall Ortega Castillo discussing exporting goods from Costa Rica to other countries

Over the years, Costa Rica has been considered an attractive destination for tourism. However, it also stands out for being an economically stable country with significant GDP growth, generating the attention of international investors and companies looking to grow and diversify their business operations. Randall Ortego Castillo, founder of RACO Investment and an expert in […]

Randall Ortega Castillo discusses getting started as an importer in Costa Rica

Starting a business is not an easy decision, let alone if we are talking about an import business, because, among entrepreneurs and beginners of international trade, arise great questions and doubts. This is mainly because it is thought that a million-dollar investment is needed, or a career to know the processes in customs. Randall Ortega […]

Randall Ortega Castillo discusses the different ways to invest in Costa Rican businesses

In Costa Rica, it is national legislation that regulates the resolution of conflicts related to foreign investment. In addition, in order to provide a reliable legal landscape, the country has acceded to the Investor Protection Treaty of the Multinational Insurance Agency of the World Bank (MIGA). Randall Ortega Castillo, a finance expert and founder of […]