Randall Castillo Ortega discusses why global expansion makes sense for some businesses

Achieving healthy growth means increasing revenue and expanding the company’s performance without affecting profit margin and profitability. In some cases, growing sustainably is complicated; it is necessary to measure favorable and unfavorable aspects, calculate risks and organize finances. The success of entrepreneurship depends mainly on the entrepreneur’s ability to manage the company as a whole […]

Randall Castillo Ortega explains using social media to grow a business organically

Historically, brands only spoke and the public listened. There was no real conversation, just two well-defined roles, the company and the receiver (the audience). With the advent of the Internet and social media, everything changed. Today, brands and users can communicate and converse with each other, without time and space restrictions. Even better, companies have […]

Randall Castillo Ortega discusses how to become a better sales negotiator

Negotiation is a key factor in the sales process. It is not enough for a seller to grant discounts or benefits to reach the close; the task is to fix the client problem. You must first assess whether you can solve it. If so, move on to the negotiation to convince the customer that their […]

Randall Castillo Ortega discusses how Panama’s business landscape is changing this year

The fiscal sustainability of economies, the negative impact on tourism and remittances, the increase in eCommerce and weak consumer confidence are the main macroeconomic trends to be lived in Panama in 2021. However, there are indications that the Central American country is in a position to rebound without an exorbitant amount of difficulty. Randall Castillo […]