Business is constantly changing. Technology, consumer habits and paradigm shifts are all important factors. The 2023 entrepreneurship trends provide a variety of options. Randall Castillo Ortega, an expert in global trade, offers insights into what changes businesses might see in 2023.

Mobile commerce will continue to grow. Modern businesses look for customers wherever they are. This is due to a customer-centric trend. According to studies, people use their smartphones an average of 96 times per day. They also use them for approximately 3.5 hours each day.

Mobile technology, like digital nomadism or globalization, has set the stage for mobile commerce that is unstoppable. Entrepreneurs are now able to compete with mega-corporations anywhere. More than 11 000 brands shut down in 2020. The health crisis has made this worse.

The US eCommerce market saw a $791.7 billion turnover last year. This represents an increase of 32.4% over 2019. This is largely due to Amazon and the digitization of other chains. Startups and SMEs need to know that mobile commerce is growing at a rate of one dollar per six.

The gig economy has experienced an unprecedented growth, with a value of $300 billion in 2021. Analysts estimate that it will be worth $455 billion by 2024 if there is a CARG through 2023. This economy in the US is composed of 59 million people, 36% of the country’s workforce.

It also includes “decacorns,” which are companies worth more than $10 million. This group includes Uber and Airbnb, which have very committed investors. Castillo explains, “Multinationals are looking to provide temporary work, which is a very attractive trend for entrepreneurs.”

This can be done by creating a program that is based on part-time work for your company. This arrangement has the greatest advantage: your collaborators are independent and do not need to be compensated for benefits, settlements, or other compensation. In addition, these workers use their equipment/implements, which will allow you to save on general costs.

This business model comes with many risks and challenges. Finding the right balance between demand and supply is crucial. This can be a slow process. If you are looking to scale an algorithm such as Uber, you will need to learn. Project management software is sufficient for a small business.

A recent report estimates that the subscription and billing market will reach $11.1 billion in 2027, according to an industry analyst. The growth of existing models and an increase in subscribers are two factors that explain this. This includes entertainment, computing and telecommunications, as well as retail and health.

This trend was also influenced by the COVID-19 crisis, which saw a 22.5% growth acceleration in 2020. It is currently a popular model due to its popularity in streaming, movies and food. Experts believe it will become the business of the future, and this must be considered when starting a new business.

This isn’t just for digital products or services. Fender has demonstrated that they use it to sell their instruments. Play Fender subscriptions offer an educational service to those who are interested, and serve the purpose of building a long-term relationship.

Both established entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs are interested in recurring consumption models. This approach can be beneficial for both aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners. Automate your operations, finances and payments as soon as you can to reduce costs.

Many people see corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a publicity stunt. While some companies have such departments in order to appear good, things are changing fast with social media. It is now easier to identify who is manipulating information to hide their true intentions.

Castillo adds, “92% of millennials know this today and are more likely to purchase ethical brands. They value properly exploited raw material, gender equality, and work conditions that respect employees.”

This paradigm shift has opened up new markets that entrepreneurs can profit from by offering ethical products and services to consumers, as well as attracting talented people with responsible policies. To avoid any negative social media effects, branding that is focused on CSR should be consistent and authentic.

In recent years, disruption has been a common word. You can say that disruption has lost its original meaning with the emergence of the pandemic. This concept was originally intended to describe a product or service which arises from basic applications on the market, and then displaces established models.

There are many hyper-localized and specialized ventures today that provide services to specific communities. Their unique model expands the possibilities for different sections of the population. It is an opportunity to share your passion without having to invest much and it’s not a distraction from the main stream.

There are many stores that sell antiques, religious items, pyrotechnics and art supplies. It is designed to cater to specific niches within the local market. They are, therefore, more community-oriented and build lasting relationships with their customers.

These hyper-localized ventures promote social and environmental awareness. You will be able to succeed with this model if you have a strong network of contacts in the area. People can build trust by sharing information about the process and using local, organic products that support the circular economy.

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