The world of marketing has changed very fast in these last five years. The increasing globalization of markets, technological advances and social networks have caused an accelerated change in how things are sold and how they’re sold. Randall Castillo Ortega, an expert in global trade, provides insight into how businesses can market their operations globally.

We must consider many specific aspects of the market. The first step is to do market research prior to any internationalization prospection. “The markets most will attack are the US and Canada,” explains Castillo. “Both are consumer-led markets with virtually unlimited spending power.”

International trade agreements make launching in new markets easier. Global marketing then becomes a priority. This is where the international sales strategy, specific to each country, is applied. In each market, the consumer appreciates different things about the same product, which is why market research is important.

Nothing is more important for a company than knowing its industry, whether it wants to go out to market in another place, or not. A deep evaluation of the stakeholders at all levels, including its competitors, will allow them to identify the needs they will enter to cover and thus offer added value.

In the same way, thinking about a global market, knowing what the positioning of the goods is and/or services offered in the geographical area to which it wants to reach, you can have real expectations about how it will cover the specific needs of this public.

With clear expectations, the manager must draw up with his team a strategic plan that will serve as a route to success. It should be noted that the objectives of this plan must be raised in the long term.

“You have to understand what the objectives are in that plan, and those must be long-term, five, six or more years. When we talk about globalization, the efforts must be long-lasting because we must know that the results do not come immediately,” states Castillo.

Once you have qualitative and quantitative data from your markets, you have to see the costs, contemplating customs agents, national transport, international freight, insurance and taxes in the country.

It is necessary to be clear about the presentation of the product to avoid a setback in its placement, considering all the rules of the destination country, languages, food labeling, colors, textures, packaging, packaging and other conditions that are important for the new market. For example, the colors red, yellow and purple have different religious and cultural interpretations.

Now you must know the sales strategies, if it will be by website, participation in fairs and trade missions, eCommerce platforms, direct treatment or to cover a demand in the market. “This is the really exciting thing about global marketing,” asserts Castillo, “determining each distribution channel for each country, shipping logistics, compliance with the non-tariff regulations of each country.”

When you do these steps for the first time, the after-sales service is extremely important and customer service today is the net of the planet. It is right there where several subsequent sales can be aroused from there.

When you open an Apple computer, for example, it’s a unique feeling. They’re expensive and always at the forefront. They take care of analyzing the market before destination, among others, to establish the actual cost. They analyze each launch beforehand and generate different experiences in each country. That is marketing since it is linked to the final consumer. It is important not to lose money and place at a good competitive price.

The success of continuing to sell your products to other countries implies many things: costs and strategies for each country and client, eCommerce and mass mailing, among other promotional mechanisms. They are the means and not the very end of selling. It is to satisfy the needs of each client and each market. What you sell generates a differential value, an innovation, a better price for logistics strategies and how you do it to generate a shopping or use experience.

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