Randall Castillo Ortega offers expert tips on communication for import and export companies

Randall Castillo Ortega offers expert tips on communication for import and export companies

Proposing international communication strategies is essential nowadays. Exports are no longer exclusive to big business. Today we talk about the work of export companies and the role that communication plays in internationalization. Randall Castillo Ortega, an entrepreneur and expert in import/export operations, provides valuable tips on improving communication in import businesses.

There are many companies that would like to set up in new markets. Precisely because we are overcoming an economically complicated moment, at the moment of truth, these companies are somewhat reluctant. Lack of resources and fear of failure are often two common reasons. Having an export and internationalization consultant that becomes your partner and guide can make the task easier. Likewise, there are also public institutions that can help when going abroad.

Launching into the foreign market with no idea how or where to do it can be very dangerous. Having these companies as allies in internationalization reduces the percentages of failure, which is always a benefit. In fact, they always start from a previous diagnosis about the company concerned, informing about what is its most appropriate market and the minimum investment necessary for export.

Generally, the needs of small companies are different from those of larger companies and, many times, the support that an institution can provide is not enough. Explains Castillo, “There are also consultants for that profile. These companies are the ideal choice to make the leap to new markets. They help the export of small companies, always looking for the most suitable market to their characteristics and objectives.”

In all this business strategy, of course, communication plays a very important role because it does not communicate in the same way everywhere. Every country has a culture and a different way of negotiating. Therefore, reaching different types of audiences can be complicated. The first main objective should be to know the characteristics of my audience in the destination country. This in-depth knowledge can make decisions that affect different aspects of marketing: from adapting the characteristics of the product, its packaging, the way to distribute it and even the price (not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of consumer psychology). That is why an operational marketing plan independent of that of the company in its country of origin must be addressed, since it starts from different premises.

As far as communication is concerned, it is very important to invest in a thorough market study that will provide us with all the information we need from our target audience. Only from there can we begin to build strong international communication strategies that have a real chance of working. We should also look at our main competitors. Once it is known who you are going to compete with, it is time to create the “how,” that is, to carry out a Communication Plan.

It is essential to make yourself known in some way. The medium depends on many factors: what you sell, who you are targeting, what your goals are. “Of course, the Internet is an important ally,” adds Castillo, “but it may not be enough. In very competitive markets, it is necessary to attend fairs to publicize the product, make contact with distributors and highlight the product at the point of sale. These can range from packaging to more complex advertising at the place of sale. Without forgetting other types of tools, such as the press office, or, if necessary, advertising.”

In general, if you are committed to internationalization, it is advisable to have companies specialized in this type of service. Your knowledge on the ground will make the chances of success even greater. In addition, to get the company in question to show itself in the best possible way, it is very important to implement international communication strategies. Again, professionals specialized in this type of service will make internationalized companies more competitive in other environments.