Marketing can bring huge benefits to a company if done correctly. If done wrongly, however, the business could end up throwing money into the fire. Entrepreneurs must be able to meet the needs of their company – always. It can be difficult for non-natural salespeople to master all aspects of sales and marketing. Randall Castillo Ortega is a global trade expert specializing in imports and exports, and explains how startups can make their marketing and sales efforts more efficient and less wasteful.

It is important to show why your company’s product is better than the rest. This must be done by highlighting the advantages of the product/service, not by minimizing the competition. This can often be achieved in three areas: cost, quality, or a combination of both. Castillo explains, “Selling means promoting the benefit.” While comparing your product or service may highlight its features, the ultimate goal must be to show the benefit to the consumer – how it will improve their lives.

Many novice business owners view customer responses as being unimportant. Customer feedback, inputs and suggestions will all drive business growth more than any other aspect. The consumer knows better than any retailer what they want.

Some organizations wait until the item is perfect before they start any major campaigns or showcasing. This can lead to serious revenue losses. Many organizations want to sell their product as soon as it is ready. However, if there isn’t enough awareness, demand will start at zero the moment the product or service launches. This can lead to a longer ramp-up period without any income.

Always be open to new ideas. According to Castillo, there are many new online marketing methods that can be used that were not available before. These channels offer high-quality marketing opportunities. Social media, social media influencers, content market, crowdsourcing, and other tools can all be very powerful. You can use them creatively to make your company stand apart from the rest.

Advertising can be described as using marketing materials to promote or sell products or services. Press releases can be used to promote the company or brand. These press releases can be a valuable tool to raise awareness and not sell the business. This will eventually lead to more sales.

It doesn’t matter if the feedback is positive or negative; customer feedback is important. Castillo asserts, “You are your customers somewhere to leave feedback. This allows them to feel valued and gives you valuable information to improve your operations.”

You can not only control the problem but also address it quickly by posting feedback on your website. This will make sure customers are satisfied.

Startups should also consider creating loyalty and interest programs. A retailer’s worst enemy is word-of-mouth, and customers who are rewarded will be more likely to refer others.

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